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Hi, Trawling through some old photo`s i came across this distant build from some time back, I built it from plastic card, perspex, plywood & balsa wood, Ali tube,  with suspension & wheels from italeri also other parts from the spares. Finished in a pearl green & gold from rattle cans, The trailer is a great dane covered in chrome vinyl. The seats are made to rotate.

Thanks for looking. 







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Now, this is an excellent build... I love this truck... I've been trying to figure out a way to fab up one of these, myself.... I even thought about using wood, as well... I, also have another stalled project that I though about using wood for... I think I will, after seeing this one.... It doesn't seem as crazy an idea, now... Thanks, Man... VERY nice build... Too cool....

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On 12/29/2021 at 3:34 PM, Rockford said:

That looks great! Shame there wasn't a WIP on it, we could have learned so much from you. 

Any details on the chrome vinyl? 

Hi, Thanks for the interest in the Mack, The chrome vinyl i used was a 3m product in sheet form cut larger than needed & applied with a soft cloth working across the ribs front to back. Chrome vinyl sheet is nowadays available from craftshops like hobbycraft also lots of other colours.

Happy new year Graham.

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