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Spring Question for a 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW

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I need to make new springs but don't have anything to take measurements from.

I just bought a used built cycle but it is missing all the springs so I thought I could just take measurements from my so-called new kit. It turns out the new in an open box kit isn't so complete. It was missing the plastic bag that contained all the springs and the rubber lines.

So now I need help from other sources. Does anybody have this kit they could measure for me. It was put out by Italeri, Esci, Ertl, Aurora and probably others but they are all basicly the same kit.


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I'd try and use the picture of the bike as a basis of measurement and compare it to the built up model.  Proportion the spring measurements accordingly.  Micro Mark sells a package of springs of all kinds that might give you a start on what you need.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did find with a google search a picture of the actual springs laying on a ruler. Now to try and get something wound that's wider in the middle and tapers at each end.


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