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Ferrari Barchetta UMI Quarterman tribute

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So why not start some more good trouble.   This is a tribute build of the rare 24th scale resin UMI Ferrari Barchetta kit that was offered by the late Michael Quarterman in the early nineties.  For more history and reference - see Gramps’ post on page 4 of this section, entitled 1949 Ferrari MM Le Mans Winner - featuring an expert build by a Netherlands modeler by the name of William DePooter.  here we go …




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The kit includes a sheet of Michael’s excellent decals to model the Le Mans winner.  That car is chass oo8.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon chassis 0010 at a Cavallino vintage event at the old Moroso track in West Palm beach 20 years ago.   This car won the Spa 24 hour race - Chinetti/Lucas drivers - not bad ….  I’ve got a good set of film photos of this car that I’m getting digitized - I’ll post some later this weekend - the Spa winner wore #20 and sports a cool standing number placard over the trunk.  There are some interesting differences between the two cars that I’ll cover in the build.

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The body was mastered by Paul Fisher - although the castings were - I think - Mostly done by R&D Unique.   This would have been an early effort by Fisher.  The body lines are spot on.  The shut lines for the trunk and doors are shallow and will need scribing.   And the castings had some flash and “stuff” which was removed before these shots.  The bonnet fit was not perfect - when is it ever?  I dunked mine in some hot water and taped it and massaged a curve on the trailing edge that gives an improved fit …




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I would stretch to buy them because  - it was generally known / understood that the masters could only produce a limited number of castings 

When MQ corresponded with Gramps last year he indicated that he sold about 40 of these kits...

which is why you wont see many  - if any - on Ebay ....

How many have been built ??    I've seen a few....  

how many are unbuilt  ???

who knows - if you know anyone with an unbuilt kit - tell them to post here and snipe at me !!

by the way - I think Fernando Pinto has produced a Barchetta - and I'm sure that it is quite good ....

and also by the way - I think MFH did one - there's might be equally hard to find

the FPP kit I'm certain is still obtainable ...


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3 hours ago, absmiami said:

Ok. Ok. Back again to googs.    From moving pictures in 81 - nice. .   Maybe brush up on my Rush …

The song was inspired by a short story in Road&Track, called "A Nice Morning Drive."

I loved his writing. He loved cars, and even carried a small box of tools and supplies to build model cars while on the road, in their earlier days.

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The base plate has a few features - pretty basic - the kit was designed as a semi curbside with engine compartment detail but not much else - the frame rails should widen from front to back - these do not - the thickness of the base plate makes it impractical to add detail - so I’ll just clean things up and add one or two features - like the leaf springs - 






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2 hours ago, absmiami said:

"filler up ... "

note the body work structure support tubes throughout the trunk ...

Maseratis and Ferraris always had such cool fuel tanks  ... 


Wow!... Now that’s a slosher!.... Thing of beauty though.

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