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howdy from Iowa. Im back

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Was Timok1 but moved to Iowa so TimIowa1. Been modeling most of my life. Started in late 60s and like most took a break for several years. Mostly 60-80 muscle cars, some avation ,some military,some semi. Current projects 75 Gremlin X Power Tour. Super Stones F 250 with funky F 150 front suspension. My signature improvement is to make any kit have poseable front wheels. Not always easy but never impossible even with flat pan chassis.  Been lurking since '19 move to Iowa

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Thanks Slusher, Zippi and Rich. In a short I look at the chassis, asess what stays what goes.  Reason the make. Try to stay within reason what can be done and how close  my skills can represent factory. Check my parts bins for resources without wiping out something rereplacable. Some times its difficult to get a tie rod so sometimes I just leave it out and pose the wheels for display. As in real life the Mustang II kits have nice ifs that with a cut here a section there can be grafted to most any chassis  Tim C

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