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66 charger - 70’s street machine


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So recently i just jumped back into modeling,  i was on reddit reading and what not trying to get idea on what to start working in, and came across a post from a guy wanting to downsize his collection, and wanting to help people get into the hobby, after talking with him he sent me this charger kit for free *awesome dude and much appreciated*


so when i was building in the past i always built my cars the same way, perfect paint jobs and fancy builds.  Which is why i think i got burnt out,  i was putting to much into trying to make it perfect and just wasn’t having fun anymore


so with this car i wanted to try some different things that i have never tried before,  i wanted to build it as a nice car maybe some guy in the mid/late 70’s got just out of high school and dumped his money into, nice but driven look, so i wanted to do some lite weathering  i also have been messing with 3D printing and just picked up a resin printer so i wanted to try to print some things up for.


A lot of talking i know, but I’m getting to the pictures and building i promise lol

so like i said i wanted a 70’s style street machine. the stink bug, shackled up stance, tunnel ram sticking through the hood, etc.. so i went to Ron olsens website for some stl files and pick up a tunnel ram, some Hoosier front runners, ansen wheels and then saw the predator carb files he had and said “oh yea this car needs those”    So i printed those out and they came out pretty good  still learning the printing process 

Paint turned out ok on the parts, not perfect but it will work, i have painted the filter elements since i took these pictures,  Molotov chrome on the wheels and carb body   Aluminum on the air cleaners and just primer for the front runner tires 






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To follow along with the 70’s theme i wanted to do a era correct paint job and i just couldn’t come up with anything i liked, but thinking 70’s, browns were popular so i shot the underside of the car and the engine a testors root beer,  i still haven’t painted the body, so if anyone has any ideas that would be good with the root beer I’m open to it.

this kit doesn’t have a lot of parts, gonna make a quick build, which I’m digging.  the spring/axle assembly has tabs that pops into some holes in the floor, so to get that shackled up look instead of pushing the tabs all the way into , i put them just inside the holes and super glued them, the long tabs sorta look like shackles so it worked out, i then took a drill bit the same size as the metal axle rod and drilled a new hole in the chassis,  the stance i think is spot on. And the tires stick out just enough to have the look k was going for.  The kit came with slipper bars which i painted up gloss black, i wanted them to look like the guy just threw them on recently so i didn’t want them as dirty as the rest of the drivetrain, The front axle just went into the lowest setting


this is when i started the weathering,  I’ve never really dry brushed before,  after watching hpiguys workshop on YouTube i gave it a go using some cheap craft paint, the color they call it zinc,  Any pointers or advice I’m all ears, i think it turned out ok, maybe i was alittle heavy handed in spots 


after that i did a real thinned out black wash and the i took some dirt colored tile grout and brushed it onto the whole chassis, I’m happy with it, but i think instead of zinc, next time I’m gonna use more of a browner/grayish color. But i def ended up with the dirty driven look






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