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5 Window Deuce


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Hey, guys..... I had been working on this one earlier in the year. I'm using DupliColor wheel coating for the body, and finding a clear that would work over it was proving difficult. I called DupliColor's help line, and they told me that their 1X clear would work.... So now that I have a can of that, I can continue the build. This will be pretty much box stock. I wanted kind of a neo-traditional hot rod, so I'm using what I feel are more contemporary colors. Hopefully it will come together as I go.... So far I have just the interior and chassis done.



I'll be using the Ford small block so I can build this full-fendered. I'm still working on the engine, and am getting the body parts ready for primer....

That's what's going on at the build table right now. Please comment freely and thanks for looking!

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Thanks, Carl! I wanted kind of a formal theme, but still a hot rod.......

I've been working on getting the body in primer today. Lots of body pieces to this one! Also joined the engine to the chassis.



There's still some parts to go before the engine is complete... The firewall will be white like the engine....


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Cool, it is a nice color and super metallic! Speaking of which, I was able to get ALL of the body parts in paint today. Was also able to get a coat of clear on everything... Here's just the main parts......



Here's a look at how the colors will work together.....


This clear works really good, but it takes a looooong time to dry.

That's today's post on progress, please feel free to comment!

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Thanks for the kind comments, Guys........

10 hours ago, slusher said:

most of the time the roof insert are black..   Are you thinking of taki it ou?

Carl, I was just wondering if I should paint the roof insert or leave it body color like I did the running boards..... Still not sure, I'll probably just leave it.

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