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This is the AMT FORD C600. Pretty much out of the box with a little weathering.

Always liked that truck, it has a distinctive front end. When I was young (a century ago it seems) we would see these everywhere. That what is fun with this hobby you can bring them back and with them, lots of memories.


C600 01.jpg

C600 02.jpg

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Wow, that really looks neat.  So realistic.  Nice job on the weathering.  I also remember a century ago when those trucks were everywhere.  Seems like I blinked and all the vehicles of my youngish years disappeared. 

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Awesome!  I love how you positioned and shot the model perfectly to look real!  And that weathering - perhaps you can tell us more on what you used on that especially the front bumper.

I just saw a real one ( I think it was real, hmmmm) this week doing some service work on trees or something on the side of the road.  I slowed down to look at at and thought about this kit....

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thank you all for your kind  comments.

Steve, For the bumper and cab I use the salt technique where you apply a base coat , usually different shades of brown, then  wet the areas you want to rust with water and then loosely apply salt over these areas. then you apply a top coat, let it dry and rub the salt off. For the cube, I used artist's oil diluted  and applied with a small brush to simulate rust around the rivets.

Dan, I use my model photos as wallpapers at my work place and I often get that " I thought it was real " especially from people who don't anything about scale models.

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wow, now that's nice. Love the weathering on that faded green paint, looks awesome! Looks like a truck that was popular here in the UK, the Bedford TK, still pretty common here in Wales, usually used as horseboxes.

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