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Looking for paint suggestions for 1953 Corvette

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I'm starting a new model (Revell 1953 Corvette) and was hoping someone would have some suggestions for matching the following colours with model paints: Polo White (exterior), Sportsman Red (interior), Blue-Flame (engine)? I prefer airbrushing, acrylic or enamel is fine, but I would like a name brand that is likely available in Canada.

Many thanks and take care,

Rhythm Dawg

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AFAIC, white is white, except for Ford Wimbledon White, which is noticeably off-white. Use whatever white paint airbrushes and finishes well for you. 

As for the red and blue (interior and engine), look at lots of pics on the net (Google-image) and then pick the closest craft acrylic paint you can find. 

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I agree.

I wouldn't fret too much about the accuracy of colors like this.

As Richard said, white is white, and I will add that bright red is bright red for the most part.


As for the engine? If it were mine, I'd just pick a light blue.

From what I'm seeing online, who knows what the actual engine color should be. :P










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