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Christmas White-Freightliner and Fruehauf Santa trailer

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When I saw the Christmas decals for the AMT Fruehauf trailer, I knew I had to build a truck and trailer for Christmas. While I prefer builds that are a little weathered and not chromed or flashy, I decided to build this one as a "Show" type truck. A truck that Coke would bring someplace and put on display. 

With that in mind, I am leaving almost all the chrome, except on the engine. So far all the paint is Rustoleum 2X Apple Red. Itis a very bright and true red, perfect for this build. The cab has been painted, decaled and cleared with Rustoleum Acylic Lacquer. I think I will leave the frame as is, it is shiny enough for a truck frame. The engine is just sitting on the frame, it is not in the right position. I painted the bed in the sleeper, but didn't waste much time on it as it cn't be seen once the cab is put together. I am aware of the flaws with this kit, I fixed the front axle, took out 1/4in. I however chose not to spend the time to lower the headlights, I did it on a previous one, and it was a lot of work. For the small gain, it just was not woth it too me. It also means you lose rivet detail and have to add it back somehow, I didn't want to deal wth it. I will be visiting Hobby Lobby to find a small wreath for the front, it will distract from the "high water headlights"

I have the trailer built, and some ofthe decals, but there are more to come on the trailer. Once finished it will get cleared the same as the cab. The trailer interior is Aluminum and I did the wood grain on the floor. It turned out really nice, but with the darkness inside, it will be hard to see. A dark base and some dry brushing brought out the molded in wood grain. 

Because I am building this pretty much out of the box, I did not feel it was worth a full build thread.  







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Really nice job on it. I like the treatment of trailer interior - very realistic.

It’ll be a suitable Christmas showpiece. A great way to display your builds and incorporate trucks into the traditional household holiday decorations. Clever.

”High water headlights” - a great way to describe them!

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We make big plans, have good intentions and then stuff happens. I painted and decaled both the truck and the trailer. I then sprayed lacquer on the cab and it looked perfect. 
I then used the same thing on the trailer and the decals shriveled and shrunk destroying them. 
I took the trailer apart so I could save the paint on the base and top and the 2 side are now in the purple pond. 
I now need to hunt down another set of decals or just buy the other issue of the kit with the right decals in it. 
I guess if there was no challenge, there would be no fun. 

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Beautiful work so far, sorry to hear about the decals. Some decals don't seem to play well with certain clear coats. Personally, I always wait at least a week before I put any clear coat over decals. The first coat is always a light mist and I wait the next day to add subsequent coats I use Tamiya TS13. I also use occasionally Alclad clear which seemed to less aggressive but the results are just as good as Tamiya. You're right, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward.

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So, right now the sides of the trailer are sitting is a cooler with Purple Power in it. After 24 hours, there was no effect on the lacquer clear. It has now been 5 days, one more before I get home. I do hope the purple magic has done its thing.  

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Well, I’m heading in the right direction again. I got the new trailer and stole the decals, repainted the side, new decals and it is back together. I need to fix a few small gaps from being taken apart, and a few things still need trim painted, but it’s progress. 
I added a wreath I got from HL and added some color to it. I also added Christmas decals to the truck doors. 
I am almost done with this one. 
The trailer doors are currently held closed with masking tape so if I want to open them, it is just a quick slice with a #11. 





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