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International cement truck

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This was slightly modified . I moved the axles back to be more in line with what I used to see.I also scratch build the rear fenders I'm not sure if it is accurate though,well as long has it looks the part.

inter cement truck 02.jpg

inter cement truck 03.jpg

international paystar mixer_B.jpg

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Nice. With the lighting and backdrop, it’s somewhat monochromatic, creating a bit of drama. As for the fenders, anything goes if it looks the part. Often, companies would fabricate or modify them as needed. 

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39 minutes ago, gotnitro? said:

Nailed it ! Well done on the chipping and worn paint , showing off the work truck 

The windshield sweeps look very realistic too

x 2 : the set back axles look much better than the kit version !

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by no means am I an expert, the instructions and the picture on the box is probably wrong but I assumed that it was the way to install it. Apparently it can be installed both ways.Depending on the model or year I guess.



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               Great idea moving the rear axles back ! that really makes it look better . I like your weathering as well .

As far as I am concerned . I think you did a right nice job on this one .


   Be Well


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Very nice. Excellent weathering, and those rear fenders are 10 times better than what the kit includes. The kit fenders just look goofy and too long, yours look correct for the truck. Very well one.

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