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Dave Armstrong

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You know I don't build perfect replicas, and don't detail (wire, plumb, etc.). I build look-a-likes and close-enuffs, I'm not one for rivet counting. Well, this one is a real fake-a-roo.

I've been buying, collecting, and building since about '64. This is one I never bought, seemed to have missed it- so I decided to create it.

To start, this is a reproduction box. Then I built my fake by using a Revell 1969 Dodge Superbee, which is not quite the same as the Coronet. I bought resin hood, tail parts, and side parts from Harts Parts Resin to convert it into the Coronet. I altered a Judge GTO funny car chassis and tin work to fit, added parts box, engine, headers, tires, and wheels (I intentionally made the wheels a little deeper than what the kit would have had, looks better.). Repro decals from Yesteryear, Tamiya White paint and clear.

Even though I added an extra clear coat before using, the decals cracked and chipped, so I had to do some repair work on them. Thankfully, it doesn't really show much, but it sure was a pain!

I started with this-

To build this-

Not my best work, but after all the trouble, I'm OK with it-












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Nothing wrong with building your way and I like it , the colors look great !  I build both ways . . . sometimes I like to detail and build an accurate model while other times I like a simple out of the box build .

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Impressive kit-bashing job, love the first gen. flipper FC’s that still resemble a stock body. You did a great job on those large red decals and effective fixes on the cracking. Can you post a pic with the body raised?

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