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ford 8000 dump truck sans snow plow

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Amt ford 8000 snow plow kit. I left out the snow plow, I kept it for another project that is still floating in my head somewhere. These AMT kits are beautiful but boy, if you're not into trucking, the instructions aren't the most helpful, thanks for the internet but a lot of times I scratch my head to figure out what goes where. So for the experts looking please forgive the inaccuracies you might spot.

when it comes to big rig, I am totally ignorant.

ford 8000 01.jpg

ford 8000 02.jpg

ford8000 01.jpg

ford8000 02.jpg

ford8000 03.jpg

ford8000 04.jpg

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Very nice..some excellent weathering and the background and lighting are great.  By the way, I think AMT did release a version of the Ford dump truck w/o the snowplow a long time ago.

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Superb job Mario!

Your truck looks like the real thing and your diorama only adds to the realism.👍   As others have mentioned, your aging work is very well done. 👌

Welcome to the forum by the way, it looks like you have a lot to offer!

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thanks Francis,

I had a full 6 years to build while I was lurking on this forum looking for inspiration and tips .I finally decided to join. I feel right at home here and from the nice comments I received, it looks like I made the right choice. Nice to here from a fellow Quebecois .:)

If you like trucks, stay tuned, I will soon post the truck from the movie duel (I am a big fan). I consider this build the most demanding and most time consuming I ever did but it was worth it, it took a lot of screen captures and just as much of elbow grease. Be well .

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