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Tamiya Ford Mustang GT4

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Built this OOB/box-stock over the last week for a friend's YouTube Group Build (was originally to be only GT race cars, but he opened it to all race cars last minute). Didn't intend to build it as OOB as it was, but was so busy with life stuff I didn't get started until I only had a few days left to finish, LOL 🤦‍♂️🤣 All Tamiya (paints, glue, everything) on this one, it just worked out that way. The hardest part was actually trying to decide whether to decal or not (I'm glad I did, it's a great looking car either way, but I think it looks just right with the decals) Thanks for looking 😊









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Very nice! I built the dark grey version so I like seeing what the white version looks like. Can't go wrong with a Tamiya kit. Thanks for showing us your great work.

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Very nice!  I have this one under construction but stalled for a bit as I deal with a variety of other distractions.😩. I’m building the grey version box stock and to date have the chassis and suspension components painted as per instructions which has required great deal of patient masking.  While masking is not one of my favorite aspects of the hobby I am improving and get considerably satisfaction when I get it right.  This is such a nice product from Tamiya that it deserves the effort and you have done it justice.

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