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Two Hertz GT350 Mustang builds.


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A pair of Hertz GT350 Mustang builds from me tonight. I wanted one of each available paint scheme, sat alongside each other, but didn't want to go crazy on the detailing. Curbside it is then!


A basic Hertz backdrop was put together using foamboard with printed paper laminated to that for the stone effect. I printed a sixties Hertz typeface for the building sign. The base is grey card with Tamiya masking tape for the parking bay lines. All simple stuff, I didn't want a full on diorama, just a background for the cars. The back wall is maybe a bit high. I might give that a trim at some point.


The cars are Revell issues of the old Monogram kits. Built box stock with closed hoods. I added new windscreens and hood pins and the tire decals are by Fireball, but the rest is out the box. Paint is Tamiya spray cans with a clear coat or two over that. 


Here's the result:






Here's the cars without the backdrop:





Nice and simple builds, all the hard work was done by Monogram many years ago.



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1 hour ago, Dominik said:

both looking great! Just yesturday a grabbed my Hertz and was thinking about the color - and now i see your white! Beautiful!

The Background is perfect!!!



Here's the picture that inspired the backdrop. The separate letters on the wall looked a bit intimidating to copy, so the yellow sign got used instead. It's close enough to get the job done.



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