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L700 Box Truck

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As anyone that has built these old IMC/Lindberg trucks knows, they can be a challenge. Stink bug attitude, poor parts fit, the doors are a real challenge. I put this back in te box several times. I started it about 3 years ago and finally decided to just finish it. Nothing spectacular, I extended the frame and added a box from an AMT C-600 kit. 

Rustoleum paint, light weathing on the chassis, but the body is clean and shiny. So, it gets used, but the owner keeps the truck clean. Not my best work, but at least it is done. I had a different plan in the beginning, so the wheelbase is just a little short for this box. Had I planned for the box, I would have made it a little longer. 






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Scott!  Looks Awesome - and great to see another of these things built so clean.  looks like you got the nose dive out of it and love the color.   Very clean build.

PS, back when this kit was new, I extended the chassis (I think I followed an article in Car Modeler?) and made a flatbed from Balsa.  This reminds me of that conversion, and yours looks great.

Maybe we can drag race ours and see who can do the best wheelstand!

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Sweet looking build of a kit that can be a real pain!

All it needs is swing down legs at the back. Had then on an International delivery truck I drove that had a long overhang.

Backed to a dock at a sister store and while I was catching up my delivery log a newby opened the door and tried to drive the fork in without the legs being down.

All I knew was I was several feet above the round looking at the sky!

Would be easy to fab, just spue and a couple little flat squares on the bottom pinned to a clevis under the box corners.

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On 10/27/2021 at 11:23 AM, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Very cool build!! Nice work!!

The company that my dad worked for had a box truck with the drive wheels set forward like this one and when it was loaded, it would often pull the front wheels off the ground leaving the dock. It was actually pretty cool.😛

Had that happen once when someone else loaded the truck and couldn't push two pallets of roofing far enough foward.

My mistake not checking the load.

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