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Toyota 1936 by Tamiya.

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A beautiful curbside kit. As with most of Tamiya kits, the build is straight forward without any issue. I went with a light color to try to match the one on the side of the box. The color appears different because I took pictures inside using  incandescent light and outside on a cloudy day  . They even include a decently molded driver. Now that's an idea that I wish more manufacturers would follow.

I heard that the body style was copied from the Chrysler airflow.

toyota aa01.jpg

toyota aa03.jpg

toyota aa04.jpg

toyota aa05.jpg

toyota aa06.jpg

toyota aa07.jpg

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That is a nice build you have there, Mario...... This Tamiya kit is a 1936 Toyoda, as the brand name was changed from TOYODA to TOYOTA in 1937.

The Toyoda AA was based very closely on the Chrysler Airflow, and almost copied some would say !

I tried to convert a 1:24 Tamiya Toyoda AA into a London Taxi, the FX3 version, but it didn't quite work sadly.

Nice paint job, Mario and a build to be proud of too !


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Thanks for the info James,

sorry about your conversion not working out, I've had a few glorious failures myself. The most important thing though is to have fun working on those, failure or not. I've been building for a long time and it never gets old. I'm still enjoying this hobby as much as I did when I was young albeit with some reduced capacity.

Be safe

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