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34 Ford Roadster

Immortal Chips

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Started with a Lindberg ratrod kit, lowered the stance by modifying the front and rear suspension and channeling the body over the frame. Removed the original bench seat and added a flat floor with bomber seats. Fabricated a new firewall to suit the blown hemi. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.











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1 hour ago, Zippi said:

WOWSER.....good looking 34 Ford.  That will get you to the drug store and back in a hurry.  Those bomber seats look great.  Can't really tell, is that a skull for the shifter knob?

Thanks Bob, no it’s the shifter from the Lindberg kit but on closer inspection it does look like one 😁

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Well done! Those older Lindberg hot rod kits are simple and lacking in detail and accuracy. This build just goes to show with a little talent and vision they can be made into little gems. I have an nostalgic enthusiasm for these kits as my grandmother would buy me these when I came to visit since they were generally half the cost if not less than the mainstream kits at the time. She always made sure I had something to build if I was staying the weekend. I love to see highly finished versions of these kits and there been a few posted over the years here. I just need to get mine on the project completion list too. Again great job!! 

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