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13 hours ago, Rodent said:

I don't generally build that type of stuff, but I bought the 53 Ford pickup interior from him. I was blown away by the quality of the parts and by the fact that he seems like a truly nice guy!


10 hours ago, Dave Armstrong said:

Ed Fluck is a great guy, super to deal with and his stuff is top-notch.

I had told Ed I wanted a 32 4 door body and told him to set aside the next 4 door body he wasn't going to sell due to blemishes and I'd buy it off him.  my plan was to use the "blemished" body to chop the "good" one.... he sent me the blemished body and it took me half an hour to find the issue with it. I dont even want to cut it now because it's still so nice 

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Wow, that’s a huge order! What Ed considers “blemished” to most would look like a perfectly viable production part. He has very high standards for his products. 

I created the masters for the ‘32 3-Window and 4-Door bodies for him (also a 5-Window) so I hope to see them get built here on the forum. It’s funny, he was apprehensive about casting the 4-Door because they are typically less popular and if I’m not mistaken it turned out to be the best seller of the three ‘32 bodies we collaborated on. The 4-door IS chopped a scale 3” as it comes, BTW. 😎

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Chris, I would have to support you on everything you say!  A friend and I bought a bunch of stuff from Ed earlier this year.  There were some holdups as we ordered in the middle of a rush period for him but Ed kept us informed all the way down the line.  The packaging was excellent and he neatly divided the orders up into mine and Jackson's with neat little labels so we could divvy up the order easily.  

For fellow international modellers, I can thoroughly recommend Ed and his products.  In Aussie terms, he's fair dinkum, mate!



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Ed not only puts out a great product, but communicates well.  I'm a big fan and would not hesitate to do business with him again. Here are a couple builds with his products: The roadster just has his top but it inspired the whole build of the McGee Roadster. I still have a 32 5w body of his that I haven't started yet. The gasser has his beautifully cast halibrand wheels. 


image3 (3).jpeg


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On 11/7/2021 at 1:34 AM, Dennis Lacy said:

The 4-door IS chopped a scale 3” as it comes, BTW. 😎

PSSH...who stops at 3 inches? haha


Im going to be scaling a full fender version, so it may get a bit more chop., if I do, Il turn the rest of the other body into phaeton...maybe an early custom

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