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1961 Pontiac Ventura Drag Car


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8 minutes ago, Brutalform said:

Yea, his stuff is really nice. Found a pic from another build. Ignore the glue on the upper belt. I did that belt over after I used too much glue and it leaked out. 


Thanks!  I appreciate the picture.

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I got a little time in at the bench today. I only got a little bit done. I wanted to work on the fuel system. Adding an electric resin fuel pump out back. I’m going to use Pro Techs braided line and fittings from the tank sump, to the pump, and also under the hood to the carbs. But under the length of the car will be the flexible NHRA approved fuel line. I marked the frame with a sharpie every few feet where I plan to add mounting spots for the flexible line. 



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Now it’s time to glue them onto the frame with some thin liquid cement. When dry, a little dab of CA glue should hold them further. As soon as I get the braided lines cut and put together with the fittings, I’ll start to get everything in primer. 



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