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Maserati Tipo 151/3

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This is my take on Maserati chassis no. 151.002 but assigned 151/003 for 1964 and I have modelled it based on that years Le Mans entry.  It was not a great race for the Maser, pitted on the first lap and lost 2 minutes.  It did fight back getting up to third and being the first car to exceed 300kmh during the race, before retiring with a short circuit that could not be traced. It's actually not quite finished as I am waiting on some decals from my mate Phil who printed the body for me, can't hassle him too much!! Considering what I started with I am happy with the outcome and it looks good in the display cabinet with my other front engined racers.   Sprayed in auto acrylic, clear coated and polished.  

Now it's time to get serious on my Ferrari 750 Monza.

Tks for looking.

Dave B







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Hi folks,

Marco, yes the first picture is off the printer with some styrene and putty added to start to correct the shape. It was a pretty ordinary file.

Gary, the photo etched spokes are Herb Deeks and the rims are modified Italeri 250SWB.

Dave B

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