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Building cars for profit

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On 11/12/2021 at 6:53 PM, BlackSheep214 said:

His "copyright?" Since when? Did he get exclusive license that no one can replicate his car design? Probably not. If anything, the guy should have been honored, not flip off on some 3 year old throwing a tantrum. Over-react much?

Never said he was too smart of a guy! Actually people there were floored and separated him from the situation quickly.

Irony was he called himself “Fonzie” um wasn’t that name copyrighted as part of the TV show?!

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I did a build on commission once in 1976 with the AMT '76 Mustang ll for a fellow who had a real one. It was a pain in the butt from the beginning, partly because it's a crappy kit, partly because the guy was a pest. When it was done the fellow was really disappointed. I explained to him it was the kit, not me, but he had lofty expectations I didn't figure on. That was it for me, never again. 

I pulled this pic off the web. The wheels/tires are what really kills the kit, but that's what I had to work with in '76. No wonder the guy was mad. 

77MustangII (7)


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I suppose you could say I built car models for a profit.  I have done several commission builds for people who were willing to pay for the time and effort.  Unfortunately I figured that I earned less than $20 an hour for the time I spent on them.  So there was only some extra money to buy more model building stuff.  I would guess my Sherline Mill and lathe were mostly covered by the work.  

  I also built several kits for Tamiya for their display cabinets and advertisements. I also got compensated for doing seminars as part of Tamiya/con back in the day.  They treated us well by paying us in product.  I have a garage full of unbuilt Tamiya models.  I suppose I could sell the kits and make a reasonable amount, but then I would have all this empty space in my garage.😆

Having said all this, I think the best I can say is that I have a hobby that more or less pays for itself. 

Don't expect to make your house payment building models. 

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1 hour ago, Tom Geiger said:

My wife’s uncle and his wife turned their wine hobby into a business. If you have the book “Wine For Dummies” and the subsequent releases, that’s them!  They’ve done well! 

Which has my wife asking why I cannot do that with my hobby.

Because unlike when making wine, stomping on the models with your feet will not only crush the models -- it will also hurt your feet! ;)


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