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Revell Hemi cuda 1970 in deep metallic blue

happy grumpy

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Bought 2 of these, this is the first build while I was experimenting with different clear coats. It turned out ok but after a couple of years it degraded, it lost some of it's shine , I used krylon clear and although it lays near perfect it took several coats. Now I stick with what works for me . Tamiya ts 13 or Mr hobby super clear. More expensive but the results are worth it.

plymouth cuda 70 deep blue 01.jpg

plymouth cuda 70 deep blue 02.jpg

plymouth cuda 70 deep blue 03.jpg

plymouth cuda 70 deep blue 04.jpg

plymouth cuda 70 deep blue 05.jpg

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thank you all for your kind words. I was greatly inspired by Paul Michael Smith work. His pictures of his die cast cars are stunning. It's a bit of hit and miss. The distance, angle and height of the camera have to be right plus in my case, there is a combination of different techniques to achieve a reasonable result. It's a little time consuming but I found out that I enjoy photographing my models as much as I enjoy building them. So it's a win - win situation. I almost never show my cars and signing up on this forum was a way to share with fellow modellers my modest contribution to the hobby. So again thank you all who take the time to comment. I really do appreciate it.

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