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After having a great transaction with a fellow member, this huge squirrel slapped me up side the head and made me look. The results are this start.  

Chassis and engine are assembled and in the process of being primed. I actually (with the help of same member) lowered the chassis.  We will see how that turns out. Looking at a green and yellow for color combo. Other mods will be revealed as I figure them out. 😀





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4 hours ago, Madd Trucker said:

you may  want to  remove the  dipstick and   flip it over it is  up  side  down  but   every thing so  far looks  good

Thanks for catching that. Funny how you can miss something like that when it's very late and all you want to do is get it assembled and go to bed. 😁

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13 hours ago, '70 Grande said:

Looking good thus far. Just curious; what's the reason/motive for lowering the chassis, (overall look of the finished build)? 

Just an overall look. Hoping to get a more custom truck when finished. 

Thanks everyone for the positive comments. It really helps to stay motivated. I thought I had a partial can and full can of the yellow, it turned out to be two partial cans....soooooooo I  need to order a couple more cans. That is what happens when I think.

Here is the chassis in its coat of yellow. This will be the last update for a few days. Anniversary is this weekend,  so as they say, see you on the flip side.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys !

I had some downtime today and spent it at the bench. I have switched out the kit wheels for these, so it is up on all ten now. The engine is just mocked up. I also did a mockup using the Peterbilt sleeper...and no sleeper. 




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I like to look with the sleeper but it does make it look a little stubby.

On 11/7/2021 at 2:57 PM, Sam I Am said:

I actually (with the help of same member) lowered the chassis.


On 11/7/2021 at 11:18 PM, TruckerAL said:

glad I was able to help you, and continue to help you!

Care to share, that would be some useful info!!

Following along.


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On 11/25/2021 at 10:36 PM, wayne00 said:

Care to share, that would be some useful info!!

Following along.



I glued one front spring assembly in place,  then drew a center line on the frame down through the center of the axle mount. I then cut the spring loose from the shackles, cut about an 1/8 of an inch out of the shackles and glued the spring assembly back onto the shackles. Rinse and repeat for the other side. Did a similar process on the rear. 

Not as low as I would like, and not an accurate representation of actually lowering a truck. Just a simple way of achieving the look, and as they say, "baby steps".

The engine is now installed. For some reason the camera is not catching the difference in color from the frame, but it is.

So no sleeper.  I do want it to appear lowered, and that will help.



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