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Another crusty Chevy. This was done shortly after I came back to the hobby. I draw from experience when I was building airplanes , mostly WW II subjects, there is a lot techniques that can be applied to cars and military vehicles. This was the Cameo truck and I got frustrated with the box so I tossed it aside and pick a side step from the parts bin and voila. I went with the replacement parts theme, hence the hood and door being different colors.

hope you like it.

CHEVY 1957 CAMEO 01.jpg

CHEVY 1957 CAMEO 02.jpg

CHEVY 1957 CAMEO 03.jpg

CHEVY 1957 CAMEO 04.jpg

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I like the distressed look. Pretty common for the Cab to out live the Bed on these old rigs. Different Hood and Door, seen a few that looked like that. Still has the optional hood trim. 

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Hi Mario, that beater looks gorgeous, especially the rust spots and the rusted holes on the fender. Can you please tell me what method you chose to achieve this remarkably real looking weathering? Thanks, Juergen.

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Hello Juergen,

I use different techniques but the one I use most is laying a brown color as a base, then wet the places you want to rust, let dry, then spray your top coat.Once dry just rub the salt off. It takes a little practice but once you get there it is pretty rewarding.

As for the holes, I use a dremel tool to thin the area from behind then I punch the area I want to damage. This very simplified though, I also combine washes, dry brush pastel chalks etc.

hope this helps


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