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"Cannonball Ruse" 2021 Finished Builds


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Here is our OFFICIAL Starting Line for the 2021 CANNONBALL "RUSE" CBR...

 If you have completed a build for the 2021 Cannonball Run CBP, please post it here.

Please give us a good description of the work done and models used and a maximum of six photos that show off your model to it's best advantage... it's been said before, Nobody has ever won this with lousy photos. 

If you've just come to look, please leave no comments.  Please post your "Kudos to you" comments in the main build thread. Or you can search for these wonderful builds in the Under glass section. Let's leave this clear so we just have photos to peruse when it comes down to the voting. Thanks.

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#27. disconovaman - Ford Fusion  Nascar  disguised as a Police car. 

Here is my entry for the  21 Cannonball RUSE. I used the Revell Snap together Nascar Ford Fusion of Brad Kowalski. I disguised the Nascar to  resemble an unmarked Police Cruiser. (Who would suspect a speeding police car?) I started by moving the B-piller to the middle of the window openings, extending the back door glass, next I closed the C-piller portion of the top in, and finally I added door seam and door handle decals to complete the 4 door sedan appearance.

The snap kit only had half an engine, So I   seized the opportunity to go with a 392 HEMI with twin turbos. I figure that should be good for some where close to 2000 H.P.

Details include Side mirrors, windsheild wipers, clear rear deck mounted spoiler, Spot lights, pushbar, limo tint, Government issued license plates, and 22 inch steel wheels with police center caps. 

I enjoyed brainstorming and incorporating the ideas into the challenge of this build. Thanks so much to everyone for  inspiring me. I  tried to  capture the true meaning of the Ruse. I hope my efforts show it here with the finished result.







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This C7 is a combination of the Foose C7 and the C7R race car. Because I used the stock hood, the racing manifold was too tall so I designed and printed a replacement manifold.

I removed all of the racing equipment from the trunk area and added a fuel cell, battery, and fire suppression equipment.

This was not a plug and play operation, there was a lot of trimming and adjusting required because although they are both Revell C7 Corvettes, they are very different cars.

C7 Sleeper Front Angle 1.jpg

C7 Sleeper Interior 1.jpg

C7 Sleeper Interior 2.jpg

C7 Sleeper Rear Angle 1.jpg

C7 Sleeper Engine.jpg

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The brand-new, shiny red Super Stock Dodge...and its usassuming little old lady. Lindberg's Dodge 330 kit was left (mostly) stock on the outside to appear as a nicely maintained/restored classic, but under the hood is an unrestricted Hemi with a centrifugal supercharger and custom intake. The interior has been stripped back to the bare essentials, including the removal of the rear seat, relocated gauges, and the addition of a custom roll bar. Normally power is deliverd to the road via a set of NASCAR wheels and tires (courtesy of Plastic Performance Products), but just in case an extra kick is needed the car also has a Turbonique rear axle. This necessitated moving the fuel tank and adding a heat shield to the rear floor.








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#25. camaro69 - Monte Carlo Nascar disguised as a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. 

Here´s my entry. It was the second time I started to participate the CBR and the 1st time I finished.

The title doesn´t say everything. I used the Revell Chevrolet Impala Police Car body on top of the AMT Western Auto Monte Carlo Nascar chassis. Paint is BMW Hockenheim silver.


What I´ve done...

Bodywork / exterior:

  1. closed the holes for the light bar,
  2. changed the front bumper using a lot of different evergreen stripes and acrylic modeling paste followed by a lot of sanding,
  3. cutted out the hood and trunk lid (did the water rails in the trunk out of evergreen),
  4. closed the triangle windows behind the back doors and splitted the back door windows using different evergreen and modeling paste again,
  5. added air takeouts to the rear bumper,
  6. cutted out the back door windows, reworked the b-pillar on the kits glass part,
  7. added a rear wing from Revell´s 2005 Ford Mustang GT500 and windshield wipers from the 1999 Mustang Cobra,
  8. used self designed 3d-printed wheels with Aoshima tires and Fujimi disc brakes,
  9. added side windows in different positions out of blister plastic,
  10. added decals from the Nascar and some selfmade too (f.e. the license plates and my avatar logo),
  11. weathered the chassis.


Engine / fuelsystem / suspension:

  1. wired the distributor and the MSD-Ignition boxes,
  2. added a selfmade ignition coil,
  3. plumbed the oil system in the engine bay and the fuel system in the trunk using Top Studio fittings and braided line (secured the oil plumbing to the roll cage parts using 0,28mm wire)
  4. added a selfdesigned and selfprinted oil tank,
  5. made the rear supension work with real springs and selfmade shock absorbers,
  6. made new front wheel carriers,
  7. selfmade a stock exhaust system,
  8. added an Optima battery selfmade out of evergreen and wired it too.




  1. changed the roll cage to make it mostly unseen from the side (added some evergreen rounds to complete it and evergreen pipes as pads),
  2. casted front seats and steering wheel from the Jada Toys Camaro concept and mounted the seats on to selfmade railings,
  3. selfmade shifter and parking brake lever,
  4. selfmade navigation with the "Finish Line (Portofino Inn)" on the screen 😁,
  5. fitted the interior tub to the Nascar chassis.



I think that´s it.

There are some minor issues or maybe things I can do better next time but for the first finished model after many many years I´m pleased with how it turned out.

Still a little bit dirty but I like it. Hope you´ll like it too.


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#19 JGTC Toyota Supra 1995

This is one of the most iconic Japanese racing cars in modern time thanks to games as Gran Turismo 2, where the Castrol TOM’s Supra was one of the must have cars in the game.


Since my original plan failed due to never ending increase in fabrication, a Corvette C5R under the cover of a ‘99 Silverado, I had to switch to some thing that could get done in a month.

So here is the 1995 Castrol Supra that got dragged out of storage, sprayed in an more discrete color with some minor modifications and a added extra seat for the co driver. If you look closely you can still se hints of its previous life as well as the wear and tear of 26 years of use and neglect. 












 Custom wing made from the original wing sides and a Porsche GT2 “wide” wing blade.

Period correct side mirrors.

Typical JDM Mufler.

C5R difusor.

Extra seat with PE seat bases for both seats. 

PE seat belts.

Thanks every one that been pinching in on ideas on both projects as well as al kind words along the way!! I really appreciate this forum and this years Cannonball have been great! 


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#20 - Ford GTO Mustang

List of modifications:

- Open front grille and remove molded in headlight covers, add headlights and make clear covers

- Switch kit V8 engine for Cosworth 2.2 4cyl, add turbo and make piping, add intercooler to radiator duct

- Re-route exhaust and fill holes in passenger side door

- Re-work transmission cover to open passenger side of interior, add stock car door bars, extend firewalls to close up cabin area, add racing seats

- Replace slicks with road tires

- Add extra fuel tank for increased range

- Add rear window louvres to hide gutted rear compartment 


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#3 JACCS Accord

For this year's theme I thought the JACCS Accord would be perfect. It's a street car converted to a race car, so it already had everything to make it street legal-ish. The JACCS Accord was built for the JTCC (Japanese Touring Car Championship). The engine was tuned to around 280hp and mated to a 6 speed transmission, between that and the shedding of a bunch of unnecessary weight, this car should be very comfortable running 150mph+ all day.

The modifications I made for the cannonball run include:
Cutting down the roll cage to make it less noticeable from the outside.
Adding a passenger seat.
Adding countermeasures (radar detector, CB, laptop and GPS)
Added fuel cells to the back seat area and trunk.
Remove rear spoiler.
Silver paint job.
I did the interior in all black so it would be hard to tell what's in there from a distance.

I also painted the skirts flat black so it wouldn't look so low.
With all these modifications it just looks like a lowered street car.

With the added fuel capacity I should only have to stop once for fuel. I also figured nobody will be looking at a silver Accord, so I should be able to slip by unnoticed.








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#5  Audi Quattro WRC 1981

The Italeri kit seemed a nice fit for my entry because, whilst I think Quattros are great, I’ve never been wild about the '81 Audi works livery. This was a good opportunity to ditch the decals, put my box stock builds aside, and dip my toes into the world of scratch-building.

Rally cars are road legal by definition, so the exterior didn’t require that much thought to blend it into the highway. Instead, I concentrated on accentuating the racing credentials of the interior by customising and updating what is a fairly unelaborate stock kit. (I had originally intended to tint the glass to keep prying eyes out, but then I decided it would also be hiding hard work!)








Exterior mods:

- Stock gravel wheels replaced with Ronal tarmac alloys.

- CB antenna made from guitar string & micro spring.

- Photo-etch grill badge & door locks.

- Re-sized front indicators & altered surrounding bodywork to improve accuracy.

- Smoked rear lights… just because it looked cool!




Underside mods:

- Removed moulded exhaust system & replaced with scratch-built upgrade featuring steel exhaust tips.

- Carbon-fibre prop shaft & Kevlar sump guard.






Interior mods:

- Rear roll cage (not featured in kit) built to match original rally car dimensions; ribbon/photo-etched harnesses.

- Custom centre console under dashboard featuring CB radio and police scanner; tablet & GPS screens added to the dashboard; photo-etched dash toggle switches.

- Re-shaped foot-wells for improved accuracy; SB pedal arms plus PE pedals and passenger footplate.

- Also scratch-built: gear shifter & linkage; wiring loom & junction box; custom door levers & rally-style door pulls.

- More carbon-fibre/Kevlar for a weight-saving.


Thanks to Anthony for organising another great Cannonball! 👏


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This years entry is a 1960 Chevy Impala with a NASCAR chassis. 
Modifications include:

1/2 T-Bird 1/2 Pontiac NASCAR chassis 

Resin Chevy LS engine

Increased fuel tank size

Full interior except the back seat

4 wheel disk brakes

Pegusus wheels with knock offs

Lowered ride height. 

I am sure there are a lot of other mods, but I finished it 9 months ago and my memory is only 10 minutes. If I get back from my trip in time, I will add better pictures. 







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# 11. 89AKurt - Subaru Impreza WRC.

WIP: Tamiya Subaru Impreza (not WRC but Cannonball Ruse) with Hobby Design engine

Interior: Roll bar cage was modified, to reduce the bars seen through the windows, and make access a little easier.  "Normal" instrument gauges added.  A video camera with telephoto lens, with screen that is moveable, for the co-driver to scan ahead (see cargo box).  Scratch-built the cooler from Corian, and Monster cans litter the back.  Some of the Scale Motorsport photo-etch used.  Parts box CB and scanner.  Seatbelt decals stayed on the paper, added red paper to the back.  Moveable sun visors with a message added.

Along with having the Monster cans, and kit boxes scanned, reduced, and printed, made a vanity license plate that is sort of difficult to read.  LOL

The curbside kit has no engine, lucked out getting the Hobby Design resin engine long ago.  Modified the strut bar, intake tube, some other details added.  Hood hinge is fusee pocket watch chain.

The cargo box is a modified Fujimi part (bicycle comes with that kit).  Made the mount from brass wire, soldered, antennas rotate down, one rally light rotates, real camera lens scavenged from a dead camera.  Scale Motorsport photo-etch grill screen, and some of non-race parts such as brake disks were used.  WRC race details removed from the body, painted with Testors black, then weathered as if it finished after going through storms.  Windows tinted (a little too much) with diluted black paint.   Resin gas cap added to the trunk, assume the whole trunk is a fuel cell.  Made Hella horns (can see behind grill).

The kit transmission was retained, filled the void on top and some imagineered detail added.  The front suspension mounts needed relocating so the engine would fit, and made engine mounts.  Modified the rack & pinion, tube with wire, wheels still turn.  Parts box rear muffler with steel tube tip.  Front skid plate was cut back so you could see the engine, and also for fit.

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#14-Grand Prix

Really struggled with this one, but I think it came out ok. Really wanted shiny paint , but I ended up trying something different. Changed my mind on the rims about three times. At least I finished up in time. Good luck everyone. 


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It happens every day. A couple buys a property from the bank, a nice little farm house with a barn and a couple of outbuildings and sheds. The place will need a ton of work but the location is great and it's super quiet out here.

But what doesn't happen every day is what happens when you finally start to look around the old place. Open a shed after moving an old rusty tractor, and find an old classic race car. The paint is thin and worm through from years under a canvas tarp and goodness knows what else. But it's a race built 427 and man, that ain't nothing. Bust out your check book, and get it back on he road.

This is the Revell 1968 Lee Greenwood Corvette, built as a barn find that's been mechanically restored, but the patina has been left untouched. The changes I made to honor the "race car in disguise" theme, was to lose the sidepipes, add a stock type exhaust and add stock rocker trim. The decal on the hood is the only part of the classic red, white and blue from the Lee Greenwood livery. I weathered the white paint to make it look like super worn thin paint. Some mild weathering on the engine and chassis. I figure, as it looks, only a real Corvette guy would get that it's not an old hot rodded Vette, on it's last legs and badly in need of a resto.








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Here's Stupidbird, also known as the Great Wide Shock.

It started life in an eBay JoHan Superbird junkyard, which turned out to contain enough reasonably good parts to rebuild one fairly nice factory stock model, and just enough leftovers to get another model of some kind together. Stupidbird was built out of the leftovers, which included the NASCAR dashboard and roll cage. The junkyard was missing one engine, and one set of taillights, and the second Superbird wing. As it turned out, the second chassis was from some other JoHan Mopar kit, and the wheelbase was too long. I had to shorten the chassis about 1/8 inch. The glass was a bit of a mess. I was able to sand and polish it out except for one booger spot in the backlight. The body required a certain amount of repair work just to get it back to out-of-the-box usability.


Gary (Gramps 46) generously donated a set of wide open wheels. The front tires are common AMT L60s, and the rears are the large tires from the reissued MPC '75 Corvette. I ended up having to make taillights with sheet styrene and a red Sharpie. (Improvise! Adapt! Overcome!) The NASCAR roll cage, instrument panel, and everything else came out of the eBay junkyard box.

I started the project with much enthusiasm as soon as the “race” began, but, as so often happens, my workbench soon became infested with shinier squirrels and it got set aside until almost the literal last minute. Along the way I got semi-inspired by Scott8950's post “Worlds most affordable superbird” up in the General section.


I decided the story of Stupidbird would be that a crew of hot rod trash discovered the barn-find remains of a 1970 Road Runner that had been bracket raced, and decided to rebuild it as a restomod Superbird. About the time they got it safely (more or less) running and the body together (more or less), they thought it would be a hoot to run it in the Cannonball before finishing it out. An offbeat paint job was suggested, and then the Great Wide Shock name was of course a natural.

Paint is airbrushed Model Master FS36118 Gunship Gray, and Touch N Tone flat white primer. Both were vigorously rubbed with a paper napkin to give them a pleasing sheen which will hopefully preclude hard-surface scratches to which pure flat finishes are vulnerable.

So I give you Stupidbird. I know it's not a winner or even a contender, but it is what it uniquely is—The Great Wide Shock. ;):lol:






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It's too late to come up with a clever back story to my entry, it's just a combination of early 1980s Nissan Leopard bodyshell dropped over the floorpan and running gear of a Skyline GT-R Group N racecar.


Pretty much stock bodywork, I just had to cut open the bonnet and cut out a vent at the bottom of the bumper to feed the intercooler. Paint is automotive Motip 56000 metallic beige, quite coppery in reality. I probably used Halfords automotice clearcoat. Black trim brush-painted Revell #9 enamel.


Volk GT-P wheels and Bridgestone Expedia tyres came from an Aoshima kit. I added a touch of wash to tone them down a bit.


Interior tub base, front seats and part of rollcage from the Skyline. Rear seats (and side panels) from the Leopard, LHD dashboard from a Nissan 180SX (to make the most of overtaking opportunities).


Skyline's RB26DETT engine from the racecar, which probablygives around 400bhp. I changed the turbo set-up and intercooler to one from a Nismo Skyline kit, and with some internal mod'slet's say it gives around 500bhp. The Nismo car also donated its big brakes, strut brace and exhaust system.


At 1:1 the Leopard and Skyline share a very similar, if not the same, wheelbase. The swap was pretty easy really, I just got caught out at the last minute by the intercooler and rear seat fouling,but no worse than fitment issues with some OOB kits.


Hopefully subtle enough not to attract too much attention.

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93131FC4-FF75-4700-BCBC-44D065B06088.jpeg.55b7d51d8b72a9f398156f6b227d9234.jpegMy entry for the 2021 cannonball is a Revell/Monogram 1969 GTO judge body with a Revell modern NASCAR chassis and drivetrain


The paint is a spray bomb Chevy Red with a few different shades of testors and tamiya brown and black with some primer grey and the iconic GTO orange showing through in some spots. 

the air dam is the Revell NASCAR rear wing that is modified to fit the front end of the GTO and the KC lights are from a Revell 91 Ford F-350 roll bar. 


The engine is from the NASCAR kit as well but with a few minor changes such as the supercharger from a clearly scale resin LS3 and it is painted a slightly more modern version of the original Pontiac blue. 

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