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1955 Belair Corvette


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This was a fun project.

The body shell is a 1955 Belair, but the interior, chassis and everything under the hood is late model Corvette, as is the windshield and windshield frame. The Corvette chassis was stretched and modified, as was the drive tube and exhaust.

The top of the front and rear fenders, have been given a "slight" Chezoom roundness, but the rest of the body was kept pretty stock looking.

Any feedback would be gladly accepted. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Much appreciated👍.2009_0513Photobucket10011.JPG.77edbd5875a83b459d92047b33859f65.JPG











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WOW......that color just looks so clean.  There is so much eye candy you just don't know where to look first.  That interior just looks so good.  The red accent really works nicely with the green.  I look at your work then look at what I'm working on and it just makes me want to smack somebody☺☺☺.  Really nice job Dave.  

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That is a beautiful piece of work! I don’t think the windshield suits it, but that’s just my opinion.🤪 The interior is just fantastic!👍👍👍Do you have a patent on that hood hinge system? I’d like to copy it.🤔

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I like the idea of combining the old and the new. Beautiful paint work on what looks like a stock body save the windshield. The interior besides being nicely detailed is all modern in design. The chassis and drive train is all new as well. 

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