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Wild Willie Funny car


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Finished up the Revell "Wild Willie Borsch" funny car.  Built it to look like the box art on the limited edition tin.  Used the injector and scoop from Competition Resins, Pro Tech and Top Studio fittings and braided line, modified the windshield and interior tins, and modified the rear spoiler to match the box art.  The paint is a custom mix i made starting with craftsmart tangerine acrylic as a starting point. I call it the tale of two decals because I started with a set of Slixx decals from 1997 which worked fairly well but the passenger side large "Wild Willie" decal tore in multiple spots and could not be salvaged.  So i ordered a second set of decals from Slixx and found that his hair had purple in it rather than blue like the original set and the decal itself was 3/32" smaller all around than the original decal.  I didn't want to mess with removing the decals from the drivers side so one side has blue in the decal and the other side has purple.  Since you can only see one side at a time i can live with it!











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Came out pretty nice! Nailing that color is not easy!  I have been wanting to build this since the decals became available years ago. 

Too bad that this car is what caused the break up of Marcellus and Borsch. Mousey wanted to stick the Hemi from the altered into the funny car, but Willy was too hard headed and ran the Chevy. Willy said it kept breaking. The final straw was the photo shoot where Willy is shirtless. Mouse kept telling him to look a bit more professional to please the sponsor, Revell, and to put on the new shirts they made for the team, but Willy said he was hot and wasn't going to wear it! That is when Mousey walked away from the whole thing. 


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