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This is one kit that I wanted for a long time, I missed one of these about 10 years ago at a show unbuilt for $35, then as things worked out I got a really good deal on 2 unbuilts! I didn’t want to build either of those and one day I ended up with a built up that was pretty nice, then I came across this one and decided to try and put this together! So it does pay to have patience! So this was in pretty decent shape, missing some stuff with both the grille and rear bumper being broken. The engine was generic and pretty crappy, the frame was rough with holes in it and some glue damage. I found an AMX engine in my parts box and used that and just used a bunch of parts box stuff to finish it up! Comments always welcome!














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4 hours ago, DoctorLarry said:

A good rescue. What's that lurking in the background with what appear to be Laguna window louvers?

That’s a project I started awhile ago, it’s a Revell 77 Monte Carlo that is kind of a “what if” street version of an Aero Coupe SS. I started with a Johan junker Olds Cutlass roof and then added the Laguana window louvers and some IROC Camaro hood louvers also. I tried opening up the grille for a “meaner” look but ended up breaking the top bar off so now I’m kind of stuck again trying to figure out what to do, any ideas?

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