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Phantom Mack R800 Steel Hood Apocalypse Camper

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I am not an expert on Mack trucks, I do know that the R cab could be had with a steel hood, but not sure if it would look exactly like this. I am taking a DM800 by MPC and putting a cab from an AMT R685ST on it and reworking the nose to fit. I never liked the offset DM cab. 

I hated how long the metal hood looked on the DM800, the fenders seemed to stick out way too far and give it a strange look. I have removed 3/4in or 18 3/4 scale inches out of the front. I moved the radiator back, and shortened the frame. 

I also had to move the engine back a bit and relocate the front mounts and make new rear mounts. 

I have a plan for this, I will be adding a 20ft shippin container to the back and making it into a "camper". The wjole thing will have a post-apocalyptic feel. After a major SHTF event this truck was cobbled together out of what parts could be found. 

I am currently cutting up the plastic hood parts to make them fit, but then I plan to cut them out of some .015 brass sheet. I can then add some light damage to them. I may also do the same to the fenders or use thin aluminum. 

Here is where it is at right now. 




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I have worked a bit more on the R800. More hood fitting, made a hole for the air cleaner. Redid the exhaust so it fits. added dechromed tanks from the DM800. I had to shorten the fron axle as the tires stuck out 1/4in on each side. I ireworked all the steering linkage and cut down the steering shaft and made a hole in the fender for it. I had to cut down the R685ST air cleaner to fit over the fender. Made new fuel tank brackets. 

When I first had this idea, I thought I could just swap the DM cab wih the R cab. No, way more work than that. In some ways I think I would have been better off puting the steel hood on the R685ST

So, if the cab is an R, and the engine is a 865, would this be a R865?





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