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Italeri Opel Blitz 1/24 scale

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A beautiful kit from Italeri . I did not know they also made it in this scale until I stumble on it at a local store. It was on sale . I could not resist putting a tarp on it and aged it to reflect years of neglect. I think that rotting vehicles have a inherent beauty to them . They are a decaying testament to their former youth ,strength and usefulness.

As always , thanks for looking.

opel 01.jpg

opel 03.jpg

opel 04.jpg

opel 05.jpg

opel 06.jpg

opel 08.jpg

opel 09.jpg

opel 10.jpg

opel 12.jpg

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9 minutes ago, Zippi said:

Holly smoke man....that is a really good looking truck.  The weathering looks pretty darn good.  You couldn't have picked a better color.  Excellent build Mario.

Thanks Bob, Light colors make a good contrast for rust and faded paint effect.

46 minutes ago, Jim B said:

That looks fantastic.

Thank you James.

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thank you all for the kind words,

Steve, The tarp is just facial tissue, the thicker the better, slowly saturated with diluted acrylic paint and mod podge with an eye dropper. As it gets wet you can damage it as you like. When dry I apply washes and dry brushing as needed.


I bought it like 8 years ago it was on sale at UDISCO in Montreal. They have close shop since then. Here in Montreal a typical Italeri 1/24 kit sells for 40 CAD. I haven't seen it in a while though.

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