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1953 Ford f100 full custom

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Ok guys I got the bug to do a full custom build.  I do plan on a c notch for the rear end and do as many custom touches I can.  I have started with the powerplant first.  I am using a 426 hemi from a different kit.  And was toying the idea of a big single turbo or going with twins.  I've also been toying the idea of a pikes peak style build, roll cage big back wing for down force that kinda thing.


This was the start of the engine mock up

IMG_20211120_161655389.thumb.jpg.a1391d15424ec8981bc20a0d125ed5e1.jpgIMG_20211120_162245504.thumb.jpg.bfab733b6a3a65ee6e3850e884ba0ddc.jpgi gave the shot of making the headers a forward facing style.  But they look a little high up the motor to work right.IMG_20211120_165324441.thumb.jpg.d4a75178058ed07aaed6dc5b8f14f7a8.jpg

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Ok so been a little while since I updated.  Was on a cruise with my wife so I have had a chance to get back to some more work.

I wasn't really happy with the outcome of the first rendition of the turbo headers.  So I did a lot of research for making them myself.  So I took a stab at them.  I'm liking the way this is going now.  Still need to shorten them to make them work with the rest of the idea I have in my head.  


This is what I'm trying to get the right look for the engine bay.


I'm hoping to get around the the c notch soon.  But I may have to wait until sometime in the next year since we don't have a hobby shop within 1.5hours from me.  But we are getting a hobby lobby built in my town.  It won't be done until next year.  

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