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1971 Plymouth Roadrunner 440


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This is my '71 Roadrunner 440 painted with Model Master Green Go aka Sassy Grass Green with a Tamiya TS-29 Semi Gloss Black and embossing powder for carpet.  I removed the center console and added a column shifter and tachometer.  I cut up the bucket seats and added the seating surfaces to a JoHan bench seat and split the seat back.  I used the decals and wheels and tires to the Fast & Furious Dom's GTX for my Roadrunner.













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I really like this Michael, this being a personal favorite,my first car was a 72 satellite and they did this body style only in 71-72 which makes them sought after today. A lot of people either love it or hate it. To me it is one of the best body style of the 70's.

the color fits it so well, outstanding job . I also painted the bumpers on my 1:1 car.

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Thank you Gene!  I saw this model earlier this year and I thought about a Roadrunner with a bench seat and a column shifted automatic.  I bought the kit last June and I had to build it.  Then the paint jobs went bad and I pushed this to the back of the bench.  Last week I decided to finish it and it looks good!

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