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OK so this is a strange one.

Not my normal genre.

We bought the game stuffed fables for our granddaughter(it was on her list provided by her parents) we know nothing about the game but Becky (our daughter in law) said all the characters in the game are just grey plastic "there are 6 of them" she said but she had seen somewhere someone had painted them to look like the characters  and they looked so much better.

She said with my modelling background could I paint them (I did think to say I've never done figures but then thought, it's only six and it's just a game they will be really simple )

Well as you can see it's not 6


And they are no simple they are very detailed, so no pressure only have to do them by Xmas. 

I love Megan (my granddaughter) so will do my absolute best but this is totally new waters to me.

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I needed a break from a kit that was getting on my nerves and had the idea of doing some figure painting.  That is an art unto itself....

Remember these basic steps and you should be good to go.

1. prime

2. base coat

3. wash

4. highlight.

The repeat the shadowing and highlight as much as possible.  And Youtube is your best friend..although it can also be immensely overwhelming.

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Hi all well I'm quite enjoying this. In the game play and the instructions there are pictures of the 6 main characters but not much of the protagonists which is why there are so many different colours of the other characters (other people are having the same problem as me) so I've decided any I can't find official colours of I'm going to do as colourful as possible. 

I've got to say it's quite a morbid game the characters (even the goodies) are quite gothic.


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I could really get into this, I have to keep reminding myself this is for an 8 year old and she won't appreciate subtle shading and weathering, oh how I would love to go to town on those wolves (I'm calling them wolves I don't know if that's what they are) I could take the seam lines out but I'm on a tight schedule, and anyway they are cleverly molded where the creatures are stitched together (a lot of kit manufacturers could take lessons from the way these are molded I've only found 1 release pin mark and unless you were looking for it you wouldn't see it.


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Well they're done, given time I could have spent ages on them but they've got to fully cure then I've got to pack them back in the game and wrap it up.

I'm pleased I got them done in time and I think to a standard an 8 Yr old will appreciate (even if she is a real brain box and way ahead of all the other kids in her class) seriously you should see her school reports (I'm especially proud of the statement of her school head saying "Megan's manners are impeccable"

That girl is awesome and so kind.


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