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2001-04 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

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Background: Ford started producing a crew cab half-ton pickup for the 2001 model year based on the PN-96 platform. As an efficient way to cut down on development and production costs, the new cabs were designed to work with the doors from the Expedition. Interestingly enough, it had the same wheelbase as a ‘97-‘04 SuperCab/6’6” bed pickup. A new 5’6” bed was designed to work exclusively with the crew cab, it was unavailable with any other cab configuration. The new bed reused the taillights and the tailgate from the Flareside bed. This resulted in the tailgate being a few inches narrower than the open space in the pickup box.

As much as 10th gen F-150s get ragged on for looking like jellybeans, I have taken a liking to them. I’ll admit my bias here: my mom used to own a ‘99 XLT SuperCab, 6.5’ bed, 4x4, in two tone metallic tan and black. 

The Expedition doors bring out a less swoopy look in the crew cab pickup IMO, and it makes the vehicle overall look a bit more contemporary.


Side note, as any brave soul attempted to kitbash Revell’s Expedition and the Harley Davidson F-150 to make this?:071C8C80-BFC2-49F9-AB23-73494F85736B.jpeg.e4ae4a294b5089d485d43079f1238fe8.jpeg

Doubtful, but if Revell ever decides to breathe new life into their F-150 tooling, a SuperCrew would be a great way to go. That would give a builder the chance of kitbashing it with Revell’s other F-150 kits to make ‘99-‘04 regular and SuperCab pickups as well. 


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I would love to see a kit. I have a 2002 true blue Supercrew that I bought new in December 2001. It's 19 years old this month !  Happy birthday truck !   I don't think i could pull that bash off very well but there are die cast ones out there.

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22 minutes ago, keyser said:

Did they use that cab on the Blackwood Lincoln? Or similar? 

Same cab as the F-150 SuperCrew, but with Navigator doors, front clip, interior, and a different bed. The bed on the Blackwood used the Navigator’s taillights and rear bumper, as well as having a barn door tailgate and composite bedsides patterned to look like wood, with aluminum inlaid trim. 

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