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Ford Escort RS1600 - Belkits

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15 hours ago, Venom said:

Absolutely superb!🤠👍

Thank you!

11 hours ago, Roger U said:

Beautiful build. The paint, decals, and detailing are all very nice and cleanly done. 

What paint did you use on the wheels? They look really good. 


For the wheels I used Steel color paint . It's from a local Brazilian brand Dryco.

5 hours ago, afx said:

Very nice.



4 hours ago, TonyK said:

That is a great looking model! The paint scheme had to be a real pain but it's perfect. Really great to look at this!

Thanks! The white stripes are decals. Made painting quite simple.

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Very nice build of the rally legend. I can see some very nice touches to yours, it's one of the best builds I have seen of this kit.

I found the chassis difficult to fit into the body on the first one I did so ended up chopping some bits out to make it easier. I haven't built any of mine as a rally car but it is good to know the decals are top notch if I ever do.

Atb, Steve.

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