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2016 Ford Mustang - Grabberblue 1/18


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Sometime it is easier to find a Diecast-Model as a plastic kit. In the Last years, i found my fun at those models too.

Born was this Mustang as a GT as all of them. It is 1/18 Scale, from Maisto. It was a limited edition in fantastic Orangemetallic.


I converted only the outside to the ecoboost. Cleaned the hood, closed the vents and stripped all color to metal. I attached the rear spoiler and changed the rear Logo to a Pony.

Painted all in grabberblue, painted some interiuer alumnium parts and painted the rims black.

Here is the Result:CIMG210704_010.jpg.05d8751c29064bc6ceee799fd358eb60.jpgCIMG210704_000.jpg.bc4295d767688e680849b10deaeac37a.jpgCIMG210704_001.jpg.a84b30b5b6dc0f3a433c81700d0c5947.jpgCIMG210704_002.jpg.20d8b543be7e9e2dc29649eb7c148b78.jpgCIMG210704_003.jpg.0304b2326bd177f27124f61e8e210d38.jpgCIMG210704_005.jpg.91ab3b35cbbd3a45522f204f39ebd0d3.jpgCIMG210704_006.jpg.1ac43286efa75d164268f914a0668329.jpgCIMG210704_007.jpg.7248dbe63252f1a5f4700f4312dd5528.jpgCIMG210704_011.jpg.5c751238f927bac2d120e0a307480f2f.jpg


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