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Mercedes 300 SL Roadster


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Old Italeri kit. The body was warped and broke when I tried to bend it back. That meant several hours of extra work.....

In the end I was just happy to get it glued together and get some paint on it and now it's completed.

The color is Vallejo medium Gunship Grey cleared with Alclad Aqua Gloss and polished with Tamiya compounds.

Thank you for checking it out.






















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Excellent job - as always, Anders ! I really like the color combination which looks period-correct - did you use flocking for the interior ? If you had not pointed out that there have been warping issues, nobody would have known this. I have that also in my stash for more than 30 years

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The only quibble I have with this otherwise excellent kit is the windshield shape, which is too sharp in the upper corners. Same issue with their 1/16 version. Italeri also mistakenly used the roadster as a base for their Gullwing; the 1:1 bodies are different, with the roadster having more pronounced fenders and a larger grille (also passed on to their 1/16).

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Very nice Mercedes SL. The colour looks great, I do love these old 50's Merc's, especially the headlamp arrangement. The kit looks well detailed and not at all like the Italeri kits I have had in the past.

You did well to hide the damaged body shell.

Atb, Steve.

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