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60s Monogram 40 For p/u rims and tires

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My trouble with Google is usually I find everything but what I am looking for,I posted here first since most on here most likely know what I am looking for and could have that model in their collection.  So far all I have found in my searches are the wire wheels and have not been able to see the stock rims and hub caps.

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2 minutes ago, Jon Haigwood said:

I find when doing the googly search method mentioned above I do the search on the "image" setting. I find a image that applies to my search query then check out the page that is attached to it.  Your results may vary. 

Yup. If you know something about what you're looking for, that's very often a time-saver.

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1 hour ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

EDIT: Perhaps you've noticed you now have to dig for the "advanced" search function on Google, as it's no longer displayed as a normal option?

I always type (well, it usually prompts it automatically, since I use it often) site: modelcarsmag etc. directly into the address bar, then add the term I'm searching for. I don't go directly to Google, but I do use Chrome as my browser, so perhaps that accounts for some difference.

Point being, please take some time to search first. It acknowledges previous contributions by forum members who took the time to craft a reply and provide information, and you still have the ability to add a reply, new information, or just smash that Like Button. 😜

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11 minutes ago, junkyardjeff said:

Watching a unbuilt kit but not sure if I want to spend that much money just to get rims and tires.

You know, just about any scale 15 0r 16 inch steel wheels will give you the look you want, and it's easy to swap any wheel to any model.

I know you want to use vintage parts, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

Right-click this link for some options:


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I am not in a hurry to build it so if I can not find vintage parts in a year or so then I will use modern rims,I have alot to build while trying to find the correct parts.  I have a real car project planned where I want to use all 1960 and older parts,I have the engine and trans but need the rest.

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