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Land Rover Series 3 conversion underway

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Been messing around with the Revell Land Rover and a couple of pieces from an Italeri kit. Lots of flash that has to dealt with and the stance is a little too high. I have had to cut down part oenf the engine to allow the deluxe bonnet to sit flat. Thinking about thinning the engine mounts a little for more clearance. Will be converting the body to a 2 door and hopefully will have an interchangeable hard and soft top option. Still in mock up mode.










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So where did you get the soft top? I’m also working on a few of these. I would love to put a soft top on one of them. 
I love what you are doing. I have been looking for the Italeri kit, I had not thought about how the hood effects the engine. 

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I was fortunate to have bought a second hand Italeri paratrooper landy that had an extra body and the canvas top. Recently located a full version of the soft top that was released by ESCI. Hopefully someone with better casting skills could possiibly replicate this part.


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I like seeing these Lannies, our eldest son had a lightweight short wheelbase ex Army he used as his daily driver and trials vehicle at weekends. I'd like to see a short wheelbase kit or even modify a long one.  

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Very interesting to see another variation planned with a good start. I'm just eyeing mine up for cuts and mods to make it an 88" wb series ll with a slightly different drivetrain...

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