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My 9 builds from 2021


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2021 was definitely one of my most productive years building model cars. There was always a project on my bench. I am hoping to do some traveling in 2022 so I expect my total to be less this time next year. Best regards to everyone on the forum and the people keeping  Model Cars magazine going.


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1 hour ago, Zippi said:

Great looking models Phil.  Really nice looking builds.  I like the 41 Willys.


53 minutes ago, 4mula1fan said:

Very nice!


38 minutes ago, TransAmMike said:

They all look great Phil.....I'll take one split window Corvette please😃


32 minutes ago, Andrew McD said:

Great looking work!

What kit is the open wheel race car?


23 minutes ago, AMT68 said:

That's amazing work. You had a great year. 


3 minutes ago, Sly Fox Racing said:


Thanks everybody and to answer Andrew's question - the open wheel race car is the Tamiya 1/20 Ferrari F2001 as it ran at Monza in tribute to the 911 victims.

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21 hours ago, lghtngyello03 said:

Great looking builds. Love the paint jobs too. 


21 hours ago, larman said:

Nice work! I really like the Mercs and the SWC Willys!


21 hours ago, bbowser said:

Outstanding work.  Love the green Mercury and the Ferrari!


20 hours ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

Very nice!


19 hours ago, bigdrag1 said:

Great looking builds !  Love the two Mercs !!


18 hours ago, espo said:

Great looking Kustoms and a couple of iconic Gassers thrown in. 


16 hours ago, Kah puts said:

Fantastic, all of em. 


5 hours ago, falcon wagon said:

Very nice


4 hours ago, DiscoRover007 said:

Looks great!   I'm curious, what paint did you use on the second green car? Looks like it would suit the Tamiya Xj220 quite well.


3 hours ago, BeakDoc said:

WOW!!!!! This build could have easily been a poster on my bedroom wall when I was a youngster. Masterfully done down to the last little detail.


3 hours ago, RSchnell said:

All are nice builds, but that dark green Merc is just perfection......


3 hours ago, doorsovdoon said:

Stunning paint on all of them. Very nice builds.


2 hours ago, Koellefornia Kid said:

Love these iconic Barris Customs! And the paint on the Corvette looks delicious!

Thanks very much everyone. I really appreciate your comments and Merry Christmas to all.

The paint on the Sam Barris dark green Merc is Alclad Emerald Green Kandy over silver and the red on the Mazmanian Willys and Corvette is Alclad Kandy Apple Red over gold

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Noice!  Loved the Willys, missed the Mercuries and your Ala Kart reminds me that that is one I still have to do!  Congrats on a great year. 

If you are travelling for work and spending a lot of time in motel rooms, I can recommend taking body work projects.  Get a bunch of putty applied at home and then just sit there in that badly lit room watching junk TV and sand, sand, sand.  I have been travelling for work for the last nine years and got a lot done that way.  If you can find a small cookie tin or coffee tin or similar, wrap the body in bubble wrap and put it in the tin amongst your clothing and you will stop the baggage handlers undoing your work!

And don't leave the X-acto in your carry-on luggage - they get real funny about that!



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