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Use of embossing powder

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I tried embossing powder for the first time, and while not displeased with the results, I'm wondering what I did wrong, as it came out uneven and clumpy; that said, it's a closed car, so I'm not AS worried about it, but I do have a convertible coming up, and I want to see if I can get this right.

After putting the glue on the floors, I sprinkled the powder on, and evened it out as best as I could with a paint-brush. I will disclose I painted the interior first, although that doesn't seem to have made much of difference in terms of adhesion.

Should I have simply dumped the stuff on, shake the tub a bit to even it out, and then pour out the excess?

Ideas appreciated.

Charlie Larkin

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When I use embossing powder I paint a coat of the color that the powder is. 

Make sure you spread an even coat of glue. Usually you can do sections. Natural sections are drivers side, passenger side and transmission hump. Too large a section and the glue can start to set up.

Finally I would pour on the powder and shake off the rest to get an even coat for each section.

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