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For a second thought I wouldnt be able to post pics anymore, as my dog ate the memory card, thankfully I remembered I had a couple spare cards. LOL!

Cant wait and had to do a couple paint mocks.






Started to do some prep work on the LBWK Huracan, man the mould line that ran right along the edge of the front over fenders was tricky to sand and remove. Also usual process of scribing the door lines etc. More prep sanding still required. 


Had seen a couple builds on YouTube, where the rivets on the over fenders were enhanced with metal pieces.

A fellow out of Taiwan called MODEL KID, I think he used insect pins. And Scalemodeling out of Netherlands he used Top Studio rivets.

So I liked the idea and wanted to apply it to my build and was lucky to get some rivets from BNA Model World here in Australia.


Blows my mind how they even make these things.


Using a new blade sliced all the heads off the molded in rivets, and drilled holes with a .45mm. Went over size on the holes to allow for paint thickness.



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On 1/10/2022 at 4:00 AM, Cool Hand said:

Last update for 62 Bel Air. Should have it under glass in a few days.

BMF done and windows installed.



Body has been waxed now. This is what I use.



Sharp looking model. BTW, is the above wax silicone based? I know a lot of models try to keep silicone polishes out of their work area, but use it outside of their work area if it does. 


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Was going to work on my 64 Nova build today.

But seeing as it was a nice day, decided to apply the base coat to some parts from the LBWK Lambo Huracan. Same paint and process as was used on the Gasser.






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very nice project stash,  may i suggest taking a pic of each and print 4x6 on reg paper, 2 different to a page, cut and tape to end of projects box.  helps me remember what and where i was with the projects. it also is visible to maybe draw ya to finish one here and there. when you create your vision, finishing get tougher. 

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Does not take much for me to get bored with builds and I also like to run with idea's when I get inspiration. If I finish one here and there, thats a bonus. As long as im at my bench enjoying my time, thats all that matters to me.

Havent seen one of these built, and after seeing @CabDriver Kei micro Truck  and a box art post on IG , I was inspired to dig the kit out and have a suss. 




Needs some wheels and to be lowered a bit

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4 hours ago, Zippi said:

So, are you sticking with the color shift paint or black?

Neither, will be going with TS-44 brilliant blue as I like the look of the blue on the box art.


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This is really awesome.  Honestly, when I saw that 3D file online for one of these I HAD to have it, and ordered and started printing it right away.

Never occurred to me that there might have been an actual kit I could buy instead 🤪😂

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  • Cool Hand changed the title to Lead City Customs
On 11/27/2022 at 5:57 PM, ozmodeler said:

Wow ! Great job Luke , pro street Nissan ? I like it.


Cheers mate.

Dont know if I call it a pro street, inspiration is from Fast and Furious Dom's Charger and Aussie burnout cars. So I probably say its a JDM burnout car.

77 Nissan Skyline C210.

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