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1/43 bullnose ford pickup


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I picked this up from eBay from France.   This is one of only a few Bullnose generation Ford trucks.     They have a couple variations, but this is close to my real truck.  It says 82 on base, but is a dead ringer for 80 or 81.   Mine is a 1981.  I lettered the doors and painted the tailgate letters to resemble mine.  Color is off from mine but repainting would cover the hood and fender tampos.








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You asked for more on the signage - here's the whole story. 

I really was hating how the truck looked - it needed some sort of signs on the doors.   So I had washed it up on a cruise in day and was looking at it, trying to come up with something.   My grandson calls me Opa.   So I thought "Opa's garage" might work.   I've worked on every family member's car at some point, so it seemed appropriate. Figured if it didn't work out, I'd change it.

When I wore a younger man's clothes, I did hand painting of signs back in the 80s.  I had already ordered lettering brushes for whatever was to be put on truck.   I found some exterior white paint, drew it out with a china marker and just painted it that morning.    It gets lots of compliments and I've even had people looking for me at cruise ins when they see the truck parked and I'm not with it.  They know I'm there and tell me they saw the Opa's garage truck.    Family loves it.  

The exterior house trim paint is nowhere near the right paint for a nice sign, but it goes on thin and translucent.  Plus a little wiping with a damp paper towel gave it a nicely worn look.  And my rusty painting skills lended to it as well.   

Same process for the model.   Tiny brush and white acrylic.  The sides don't match really, but it doesn't matter on this one.   It fits in with the feel I am going with on the truck.  Not really a rat rod, but more of a survivor vibe.   I can touch it up or wetsand it off if I ever want to.   But I think it will always have those signs.  I'm thinking of adding "Always time for beer and a nap" down the bedsides like that is the shop slogan.  I have a clock that a friend made me that says that. 

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