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"Barn find" Italeri's Lamborghini Miura


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How can you hate a Miura?  When it's a poorly done, sort of curbside kit that is eclipsed by the Hasegawa kit.  What can be done to improve such a kit, besides step on it?  I've done several models of such kits, as beaters or abandoned derelicts, because it's not worth spending months on it when better kits exist.  When I saw this PETROLICOUS: This Lamborghini Miura Is A Family Heirloom Barn Find article, I knew what to build.  Today in my search, found two other cars that were found abandoned, so it's a ripe subject.  There are some things that I could change to be faithful to the car, grip shift handle, custom air filters, steering wheel design, some plaques, but I won't.  So here goes, totally Box Stock, will not modify, switch parts, make parts, nothing but give it the crummiest paint job possible. 😏

Box art is nice, with the 50th anniversary logo.

To be fair, most of the parts don't need much cleanup.  The wheels are nicely detailed, but one end has more flashing than the other end.

The body is reasonably accurate, mold lines are very minimal.  There is one booger that I *had to* fix.  If this was to be a contest model, there are some minor spots that should be puttied.

Glued together sub-assemblies.  Separating the body parts was dicey, could not use sprue cutters, so I sawed them apart.  Some parts that were elsewhere on the sprues, are Tacky glued near parts to be painted the same color.

First paint session.  Quick coat of Tamiya primer on the body.  Model Master flat black (this is sort of like watching someone die a slow death, what am I going to use when it's used up?) everywhere, the interior of the subject car is black.  Alclad magnesium on the wheels, polished aluminum steering wheel, headlights and spinners, (regular) aluminum carbs, engine bottom and hood hinges.

The chassis and interior are done.  I painted the air cleaner tops with Alclad white aluminum.  Testors canopy glue the headlight lenses and back window.  Flattened the tires before sticking them on the plastic shafts.

That interior sucks, look at the legroom! 🤣  So much wrong with it, but when the windows are dusted, won't see it.

Maybe I'll paint the body orange tonight.

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It's going to be a short ride, blasting this one out.

Found the bottle of paint had self-destructed, good thing Hobby Lobby is near me, but $1.99 a bottle, I remember when .39 was the price last century.  Just Testors orange, drying booth is near the wood stove (6 feet away).  Note the color shift, LED "daylight" bulb in the paint booth, daylight overcast in the house.


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11 hours ago, steveracer said:

Kurt. Let us know the real build time.  I want to do a quickie but can’t get myself to focus and blast one out.  

I really like this idea. 

How does 14.5 hours sound?  This breaks a record for me.  I was depressed about having WIPs that have been sitting for months.

11 hours ago, cobraman said:

Perhaps not a great kit but I bet it will look darn good when you finish it.

It looks good from a distance, through the trees, at night. 🙄

10 hours ago, Oldmopars said:

Cool, I prefer the old beat up look, junkers, etc. With so many factory polished muscle cars, I just pass them by, but this has my interest.  

Thanks for saying that.  I admire and appreciate perfect and shiny paint jobs, because I have such difficulty accomplishing them.  Regular folks stop and look at these at contests/displays, and smile.

8 hours ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

How about a "ravine find" Lambo?


😲 You know how much time that would take? 🤔  One of my favorite movies, Italian Job.  When I had the MINI Cooper, the meet/rally shows would usually show this movie.

Masked and sprayed the louvers flat black, and used the Splash aluminum for the rocker (almost ruined it, started to craze but it adds patina).

The only thing I changed, the Lamborghini badge decal was bigger than the molded in one, so I used the aftermarket badge (found on eBay).  Didn't use the Bertone and tail badge decals, the molded ones are good enough to paint.  Simply glued the license plate on, it's obviously not representative of the subject car, but it's close in colors.  I think the headlight eyebrows are too big.  And having the exhaust tips on the bonnet is stupid, but there is no exhaust system.  The subject car has different badges on the side for some reason.  Used a fine pen for the jamb lines.

First weathering was in the cockpit and engine.

All the body parts are glued on.  The side windows are die-cut sheet plastic, but still needed to trim to fit better.  Instructions showed the mirror on the door, most cars have it on the fender.  Subject car has different mirrors, and two of them.

The photographs show some disturbance of the dust, tried wet toilet paper, and first try of the AK Interactive plastic putty intended for camouflage.

First session of adding the dust layer.  Used mostly Dullcote, with just a little of the other colors, first one color, then added another, which made the paint more opaque.  I broke every rule of laying down paint, started over the body which spurts globs, zig-zagged around, didn't stop/end away from the body, just had fun screwing it up. 😆  Made sure I was aiming from above, not much from the side.

Because the bonnet hinge snaps in place, it had to be a pain, ended up getting a slight imprint of the paper towel in the "paint", so did another session with two different colors in the flat clear, just a tiny bit of olive drab.  This time I sprayed down on the wheels too.  The last paint touch-up was flat black in the rocker scoops (subject car has strakes).  So I managed to adhere to the Box Stock method, which was really hard! 😂



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15 hours ago, Bullybeef said:

Impeccable detailing!! 

Appreciate your comment. 🙂

11 hours ago, ChrisR said:



7 hours ago, Cool Hand said:

Great job all round, well done.

Thank you!

3 hours ago, slusher said:

definitely looks like a barn find.    Fantastic work Kurt!

Good, that was my goal.  Just need to build the garage it was found in.  😏

3 hours ago, 70 Sting said:

Very Cool 😎


One small detail I forgot to mention, used a needle file to elongate the rear holes for the axle, to drop the rear end.

Someone on Fakebook asked why I built it this way.  One reason was because the Hasegawa kit is much better.  I almost want to get the upgraded kit with photo-etch parts.

Took studio glamor pictures, so will post in Under Glass.  This has to be the most annoying angle, showing how the bonnet with attached exhaust pipes lift up the rear wheels.  Also seeing daylight through the engine is too funny.  Also seeing daylight through the front slot openings is annoying, easy to fix with black paper if I wanted to go beyond Box Stock.  The generic P7 tires are just wrong, the Hasegawa has correct Cinurato CN36 treads and profile ratio.

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Good job on getting this done so quickly. Sounds like you had a blast spraying the ‘dust’ on. Despite the kit, I think it looks pretty cool as a barn find. 

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17 minutes ago, beeRS said:

Good job on getting this done so quickly. Sounds like you had a blast spraying the ‘dust’ on. Despite the kit, I think it looks pretty cool as a barn find. 

Thank you!  Yea, this has to be the shortest WIP topic on the forum. 😆

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