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Super Trebuchet Wooden Model: Finished

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Hello Everybody!

This is an operating wooden wooden model of a siege engine. The company I bought it from calls it a Super Trebuchet but it's really more of an Onager with a cantilever bow-spring.

For those who may be interested here is a link to the build thread.



It is a working model and it works rather well. It can throw the provided plastic projectiles between five and seven feet with a fair amount of accuracy.



It was a quick and fun build and a pleasant change from my typical styrene automotive kits. ToysTub, the company I bought it from, has a number of different siege engines as well as a wide and varied selection of wooden puzzles and other toys. Their web site is at ToysTub.com.

I plan on getting a Weighted Trebuchet from them next..SuprTreb_25.jpg


As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to post a comment.

David G.

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16 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

VERY cool!! I've seen these here and there and they are neat kits and build up very nicely as in this case. 

Thank you Joe.  I really did enjoy building this. I have another one on my shopping list for this year.

David G.

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19 hours ago, slusher said:

That is totally different and awesome!

Thanks Carl, I've always had a fascination with ancient siege engines and it's really cool to be able to build one.

David G.

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7 hours ago, Madhatter said:

sorry I'm a bit late here David - have been away. Mate, that looks so cool! Makes me want to get one.

So, have you hit a target with it?  :lol:

Welcome back Si.

Thanks, it was a fun kit to build and it went rather quickly. I plan to order their Counterweight Trebuchet soon.


This is the one I originally planned to buy but I mucked up the order.

Have I hit a target with it? Uh, yes actually. I did a successful sneak attack on my wife. :) 


David G.


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