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Revell Mopar Xpress Charger


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Revells Fast + Furious Charger,,from HL fun kit to do,,the kit had drag racer written all over it,,so I grabbed some leftovers from the decals bx,,add some basic wiring. and away I went,,,,,  Sprayed from the can testors maroon qkdry. hand painted the rest. Only thing I wish the kit had came with would be some wheelie bars for the back.  Revells hemi mtr for this is awsome,,alot of options you can do w/it.  And I made a rear spoiler,,as all cars should have a wing or spoiler,lol. {kidding of course}  Happy new year to all !









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Thanks folks,,you all have great stuff as well,,wish I had more time to be on here,,theres soooo much good stuff from every part of the globe!  On the charger,,I should have taken more time to clear coat finish ect,,but Im always leary of spraying  clear over old decals,,I did that a couple years ago  and the clear attacked the decals,, just wrinkled them into  blobs,,AAAGGGHHH!!    I was so Po'd.   Oh well,,so it looks ok w/o clear on it.  Happy year new,,,,S

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On 1/6/2022 at 12:29 PM, Dave Armstrong said:

Very cool! I love Chargers, and that's a nice one!

Thanks Dave,,I was going to put  wider back tires on it  and a parachute,,but its looks decent as is.   great to see everyones work here.  Cheers !

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