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Mack superliner crew cab wrecker.

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Hi, I saw a picture of a crew cab superliner & decided to build one, A gentleman at a model show gave me a box of bits some yearrs back, in this box was parts of the can do wrecker & a Italeri frame with cummins motor, This is the start of the project, 2 resin cabs were used cut & joined with plastic card, The roof filled with balsawood , I will make a frame extension from card & perspex & hopefully all other bits from the spares stash. this is more like recycling than a new build.

Hers a few pics to start with.







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Hi, Thanks for the comments . I extended the frame & repaired the front axle with ali tube & cut down nails, Because the frame is long & empty looking i added some basic plumbing, The lift axle is scratch built along the lines of the original, the grill was also repaired, new hinges made & mack letters added, The cab still needs more work although it`s in primer.

Thanks for looking.






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Hi, Off to a slow start, but finaly got the frame painted, Rear wheels are italeri, Front are resin tyres & revell wheel with italeri rim, The body had been sprayed with cellulose on plastic ,so i decided to not waste time trying to make it good & make new parts, as i go , wheels & stacks are  chrome  alclad, this is it so far. Thanks for looking Graham.






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Hi, After being press ganged into helping in garden, I am finaly making more progress, Cab & body sprayed satin white with satin black stipes, All chrome is alclad, Mirror arms are made from thin wire, interior from various bits, headlight lens cut from amber acetate with decal detail added.  I added under hood detail with card strips covered in tissue paper , PVA glue brushed on then black added. other bits & pieces from the spares box. still some touching up to do on cab strips But now i can start on the body etc.

Thanks for looking








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Hi, Thanks for the comments much appreciated. This is final WIP post, The body is now all painted just needs me to make the lights & decals then it will be in Under Glass. all the parts missing i have made from plastic card & resin + hinge pins from variuos nails. Thanks for looking. Back soon.





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