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Datsun 280Z


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My uncle bought a brand new 1975 280Z. I was only 5 at time, but I remember the car vividly. I decided to replicate it. Special to Nigel (Spottedlaurel) for hooking me up with the wheels.






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Great to see those wheels being put to good use! I love the finished look of it, I can picture one in a USDM brochure in this colour.

Although this Monogram kit is far from being the most accurate or detailed Z out there, I'm quite fond of it. I built mine as a modified car without bumpers, but seeing how this looks is making me rethink what to do with the version I still have.

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13 hours ago, asfastasu said:

Nice. What color did you use on it? Is this the Fujimi  or Hasegawa kit?

This is the Monogram kit. It is not the most detailed, but it was right in my price range, (free). The paint is the factory color mixed up at a local auto body supply shop.

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sharp build!

reminds me of my aunt.  she came home one day and told my uncle she'd seen a neat car, so he asked what it was.  She replied she thought it was a Datsun "28 ounce."  😄

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