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B.R.B.O 22. Pete 378/flatbed

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Making some progress, adding a Neway lift axle ( from GW Trucks), got enough of the frame together to get the lift axle somewhat situated, mocked it up with some other wheels/tires I had on hand just to get a feel for things. Still a lot to do on the frame and lift axle, but it’s moving along.





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Thanks guys, got some more work done today , front axle is installed, tag axle is completely mounted, axle backing plates and brake chambers on, and got part of the motor built.


colors are still in the air, every time I think I know, I change my mind, haha!






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Thanks guys. Made a headache rack today, got more stuff glued to the frame and found a set of tool boxes I had laying around from AITM that I think will go on it as well, hope to get some primer on the frame later. I’ll probably put some spot lights and maybe an amber rotator on the rack if I can find something in the parts bin.







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18 hours ago, vincen47 said:

Maybe front floats to round out the heavy haul package?

Great idea, I’ll have to see what I’ve got for tires in the parts stash, hadn’t even thought of that…

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Ok, digging thru the tire and wheel drawer was a success, we have front floats! Thanks to vincen47 for opening my eyes to this over sight. So, here is yet another mock up of where we are going……






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