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AMT 1955 Chevy Bel Air.

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I got the chrome trim done today. I used the Green Stuff World Airbrush Chrome for the window trim, and I used BMF on the side trim. I learned a lot watching a tutorial from Barbatos Rex on youtube. The paint needs a black basecoat, and works best with light coats. My first attempt was a mixed bad, probably mostly from user error. The process involves taping off the trim, applying the black basecoat (I used Anita's Glossy Black craft paint), applying the chrome (I used 3 light coats), and un-masking for your results. I didn't burnish the tape well enough and some paint bled under, which was fixed by dipping a toothpick in alcohol (The paint is alcohol based) and scraping off the excess. I also had it lift-off around the lower rear window, probably because I wet-sanded and polished with Novus #2 before this process and got some polish on the trim. I should have scuffed around the trim to give the paint something to grip onto. I ended up hand-brushing Molotow Chrome for the touch-up. Overall not perfect, but not too bad. I still prefer BMF, but they really need to bring back the thinner "New Improved" Foil. Included are some pics of key parts of the process.




















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Done well doing all that trim. It certainly looks the part, can barely tell the difference between paint and foil when it comes to reflectivity and brightness.

The GSW chrome is an excellent product, near on the same if not better than Alclad.

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